Tax Tables 2012




Tax tables 2012

Here you'll find info about the tax tables 2012. In the menu you'll also find links to tax table information in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. For more tax information in USA, please check this page: US tax tables 2012

IRS tax tables 2012 - what is your tax?

The US Federal tax tables for 2012 - This is an example of how to find out what tax you should pay. In the example we assume this is a married couple, filing a joint return .This is how they find out what their tax will be:

1. check your taxable income (line 43 at the 1040 form)
2. find the line for yor taxable income at the tax table for 2012.
3. check the column for married filing jointly.
4. where the column and the line meet, you find this years tax.

If your taxable income is $24,350, then your tax is $2,786:

Tax table 2012
Note: To make sure you use a up-to-date tax table for 2012, download the IRS PDF file.

In january 2014 we will publish information about the 2013 tax tables.